Crisis Response Network announces name change to Solari Crisis & Human Services


Tempe, Arizona [April 15, 2021] – Crisis Response Network announces a corporate rebranding and, effective today, the organization will be known as Solari Crisis & Human Services.

As the company has grown and expanded its service offerings beyond its 24/7/365 crisis line, the name “Crisis Response Network” no longer conveyed the breadth and depth of the services offered and the work performed by the organization. “Crisis Response Network” will become one of two Solari subdivisions along with “Community Support Network,” allowing communities and individuals a clearer path to access these services, as follows:

Crisis Response Network

  • 24/7/365 Crisis Line staffed by trained Crisis Specialists
  • 24/7/365 Warm Line staffed by Peer Support Specialists

 Community Support Network

  • 2-1-1 Arizona – 24/7/365 Information and Referral Service
  • Be Connected – Support Services for Veterans and their Families
  • Centerpoint for Hope – Mobile Health Clinic and Emergency Responses
  • Eligibility and Care Services (Serious Mental Illness determinations for the state of Arizona)
  • Homeless Management Information System 

“The name ‘Solari’ was chosen as a unique word with a nod to our local roots in Arizona and the Valley of the Sun. The word “sol” in Spanish means “sun,” while “ari” represents the first three letters of our home state’s name. Solari is also inspired by the Latin verb meaning “to console,” which is broadly applicable to all the work we do. Our new name is inclusive of all the services we provide and this new corporate brand allows us to present our organization as the innovative and trusted community partner it has become since CRN’s founding in 2007,” said Justin Chase, President and CEO of Solari, Inc.

The newly-branded organization’s mission of “Inspiring Hope” and vision of “Empowering transformation from HOPE to HEALTH” remain the same and it will continue to provide the same services and connections to resources as before. Only the name has changed. Crisis Response Network is now Solari Crisis & Human Services.

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 Solari Crisis & Human Services is an Arizona-based non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals by Inspiring Hope and Empowering Transformation from HOPE to HEALTH through a continuum of health care services.

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