Stories of Hope

Inspiring stories of transformation
from hope to health.

We all have an inspiring story to tell. Since 2007, we’ve helped thousands of individuals and families. Here are just a few of their stories.

Stories of Transformation

We all face a personal crisis from time to time. Sometimes all it takes is one conversation to help us move past our current situation. These are stories of people like you who needed and asked for help.

Featured Story: I consider them the number I call before 9-1-1

I owe Crisis Response Network my life. If it wasn’t for them, I would not be here and neither would my son.

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All Callers Stories

Test Story Outside of Arizona

Every time I help out with the Northern Arizona crisis line, I receive a call from an individual in the community who wants to call and thank Trish for all the support and services she provides for the community.

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Another Test Outside of Arizona

By Anonymous

I felt very alone, despite having a close network of family and friends. This obviously caused problems in my relationship, which only added to my emotional distress.

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Stories of Help

Our experienced and professionally-trained Crisis Intervention and Peer Support Specialists are available around the clock to help you through any crisis you’re facing. Many have experienced mental health challenges of their own. Here are the stories of those who are ready to help.

Featured Story: A connection to help

I feel blessed to do what I do! I love that every day is different and I am able to try to encourage, honor and celebrate the gift of resiliency that our callers have. I love that I am able to hear stories of heartbreak and sadness and lift their burden for just a few minutes. I am blessed to work with amazing people who give so much to the callers. I never lack for inspiration because I have lots great examples around me. The work we do at CRN is so valuable and I am grateful to be a part of it!

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All Specialists Stories

Stories of Support

We all need a helping hand from time to time. These are quotes of family and friends who reached out to help a loved one get through a hard time.

“My wife wanted to die and I called in and spoke with someone who was very helpful. She kept my wife from doing something drastic. I’m really grateful for crisis.”

“I am the father of a son who is diagnosed with a mental illness and going through medication changes. I called in to ask questions and the person I spoke with was very nice. She gave me good suggestions and strategies for understanding the situation. It was enlightening and she was very empathetic. It was a good experience.”

“[The counselor] was wonderful. I was concerned for my sibling who was suicidal and lives across the country. I really appreciate your help and support in getting him the service he needed.”

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You never know how – or when – your story could inspire somebody else to seek the help they need. Tell us about your experience and we’ll share it here (we’ll keep it confidential and anonymous if you prefer).

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