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A connection to help

By Melissa

I feel blessed to do what I do! I love that every day is different and I am able to try to encourage, honor and celebrate the gift of resiliency that our callers have. I love that I am able to hear stories of heartbreak and sadness and lift their burden for just a few minutes. I am blessed to work with amazing people who give so much to the callers. I never lack for inspiration because I have lots great examples around me. The work we do at CRN is so valuable and I am grateful to be a part of it!

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Being there when no one can be

By Barbara

I really enjoy working for CRN because their mission, Inspiring Hope, matches what I want to do in my life. I always had a dream of helping people. I never knew how or when that would happen, but I knew it would. The day I started at the warm line I realized I found what I had always been searching for. Working on the warm line I can make a difference in someone’s life. The people here care and want to be a part of positive change in a person’s life. I have found the career I always wanted at CRN.

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I had nowhere to go, no friends, or family for support

By Vanessa

I would find a place only to lose it all again when my addiction would rear its ugly head.

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Giving support and a game plan

Every time I help out with the Northern Arizona crisis line, I receive a call from an individual in the community who wants to call and thank Trish for all the support and services she provides for the community.

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