Being there when no one can be

By: Barbara

Category: Specialists

"I really enjoy working for CRN because their mission, Inspiring Hope, matches what I want to do in my life. I always had a dream of helping people. I never knew how or when that would happen, but I knew it would. The day I started at the warm line I realized I found what I had always been searching for. Working on the warm line I can make a difference in someone’s life. The people here care and want to be a part of positive change in a person’s life. I have found the career I always wanted at CRN."

Barbara is a Certified Peer Support Specialist who has been working on the Crisis Response Network warm line since May 2015.

A female caller was on the phone with Barbara when she started having seizures. Barbara stayed on the phone with the caller, and let her know she was not alone. Right then, at that moment, the caller REALLY NEEDED someone to be there for her and Barbara was.

Barbara understood the needs of the individual and used her peer support skills to be the best support she could to the caller. Thank you, Barbara, for being there for this caller.

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