A connection to help

By: Melissa

Category: Specialists

"I feel blessed to do what I do! I love that every day is different and I am able to try to encourage, honor and celebrate the gift of resiliency that our callers have. I love that I am able to hear stories of heartbreak and sadness and lift their burden for just a few minutes. I am blessed to work with amazing people who give so much to the callers. I never lack for inspiration because I have lots great examples around me. The work we do at CRN is so valuable and I am grateful to be a part of it!"

Melissa is a Crisis Specialist who has been working on the Crisis Response Network crisis line since September 2014.

Melissa had been working with a caller that was frequently petitioned, and was not doing well. This woman would call nightly and make very dark statements that caused us to assess her as a very high acuity.

Melissa worked with this caller for weeks, and also coordinated with local mental health providers, police and CRN employees to express concern for this individual. We found out that the caller’s involuntary evaluation had been accepted (the caller had been petitioned more than 20 times), and is now feeling much better.

I truly believe Melissa’s persistence paid off and prevented a potentially negative outcome.

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